Privacy and Cookie Policy

Thanks for your visit to (the website). We strive to take care of our customer’s privacy, thus protect the privacy of all the personal data we collect from you or you provide to us. Therefore, we have created a privacy policy to inform our customers about how SD Gems (hereby referred to as “we,” “our,” “us”) collect and use the customer data. We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of everyone who visits our website. If you have any queries or require any detail regarding the privacy policy, feel free to contact us by email at


When a user visits our website for any purpose, the user gets subjected to our privacy policy. Therefore, we believe that the user must always be updated on the data we collect and use when he visits our website. This privacy policy will regulate the collection, usage, and disclosure of the user data. Our privacy policy is in line with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regarding how we collect, use, share, secure and process your personal data.

By visiting the website, you agree to the terms of our privacy policy and also acknowledge that we hold the right to modify or delete the terms without any prior notice. Your continued usage will show your consent with the changes or modifications made to the privacy policy.

Please read our privacy policy to know all the terms and feel free to contact us on the given email address in case of any confusion.

2. Your Rights

When using our website, you may have certain rights according to our privacy policy as it is GDPR compliant and other data protection laws. Here are the rights which you can avail in terms of data protection:
• The right to be informed
You have the right to know what and where we gather your personal data when you visit our website and use our services.
• The right of access
You have the right to access all your data that we have collected on the website. You can ask us anytime to view your data if you wish to confirm.
• The right to rectification
You have the right to edit or modify your personal information at any point if you believe that the information is incomplete or wrong.
• The right to erasure
You have the right to get your personal information removed from our website if you think that there is no reason for us to continue processing it. Although, it might take some time for us to process your request and erase all your personal information.
• The right to restrict processing
You have the right to restrict us for processing your personal data. When your personal information is blocked, we are permitted to store your information, but not to process it further for any purpose.
• The right to data portability
You have the right to obtain and use your personal information for your own purpose. Moreover, you are allowed to move, copy or transfer your personal information from our website to any other platform without affecting its usability. To do so, please contact us at our email provided at the top of our privacy policy.
• The right to object
You have the right to object us from using personal information for any purpose if you believe that the data is not being used as stated before. For instance, you can restrict us from sending you important marketing emails through your email id. However, we will continue to send delivery emails if you buy a product from our website.
• Rights related to automated decision making and profiling
You have the right to object to decisions based solely on computer processing and to question the decisions made about you by a computer.

3. Data We Collect

As a user, you can visit our website and explore the products without sharing and personal information. However, we may collect basic data about your activity and device address to offer you a more personalized experience. We might track your activity on our website like what products you are looking for, which pages you have visited, or what search terms you are using. This could help us to show you the products you might be looking for.
We also use cookie technology on our website to collect certain demographic and device information about the user. The information might include your device IP address, your location, the browser you are using, the device you are using, what’s the operating system. It helps us to improve user experience on our website by remembering user preferences.
We hereby ensure that this data will not be used for any other purpose apart from improving our platform, products, and services to offer better user experience. You can manage the use of cookies from your browser settings and stop us from using it. However, this might restrict us to offer you with our services efficiently which can ruin your experience on our website.

4. Data You Provide

Apart from the basic data we collect, users need to provide us with personal information like name, phone number, address, email id to allow us to offer our services like selling gemstones. This is the information that you provide us while purchasing goods from our website or through contact form and newsletter form.
While purchasing gemstones from our website, you need to create an account or register on our website. This requires you to provide your personal information like name, phone number, email id, residential address. All these data will be useful for us to deliver goods to your door without any issues. We also share this information with our courier partners so they can conduct the delivery at the right address within the deadline.
We also save your card and bank details based on your payment mode to assist you the next time to make a purchase with us. Although, you can choose not to save your payment details with us. If you save the payment details with us, you could purchase goods from our website without needing to enter card details all over again.
As a loyal user, you can also subscribe to our newsletter to get instant emails regarding the latest offers, newer products, blogs, or any other updates which we consider might be useful to you. You need to provide us with your name and email id to subscribe to our newsletter.
If you wish to contact us for any query, you can reach out to us by using our contact form available on our website. To send us a direct message, you need to provide your name, contact details, and other relevant data. This would also help us to coordinate with you regarding your query.
• Disclose data to third-parties like courier companies and payment gateways.
• Protect the personal safety of our company, users, employees, and affiliates
• Disclose data in case of a merger or amalgamation.
• Disclose data in case if the company is sold.

5. How We Use Your Information

We use your information for the purposes listed below:
• Provide our services you have requested from us.
• Guide you while you browse our website.
• Deliver the content and products on the website correctly when requested.
• Share the latest offers and market products that we consider useful to you.
• Deliver the goods that you have purchased from the website.
• Keep payment details handy for convenient future payments.
• Enhance the platform to offer more personalized user experience.
• Revert to your queries and bulk orders.
• Comply with the applicable laws and procedures.
• Create reports to calculate the growth of our company.

6. E-mail Policy

We might email to our newsletter subscribers to promote our products and services, any offer or discounts, or any other relevant news which we consider important for the user. Our emails will also include important messages related to payment and delivery confirmation and status. You can always opt out of our mailing list if you do not wish to receive marketing emails from our website. However, we will continue to send you emails regarding your purchases if you buy goods from our website.

7. Security Policy

We have tried to build our website to be safe and secure for the users. We have also taken the best measures to ensure the process of buying goods and payment remains secure and free from viruses and heists. Also, we conduct regular safety checks on our website to make the website secure from any attack. Unfortunately, we cannot ensure 100% safety against the loss or misuse of your personal information over the internet because of its nature. We will not be liable in any scenario if the user suffers a loss due to our website or company. He/she would be solely liable for all the losses and cannot claim any amount for the loss that occurred.

8. Children’s Policy

We don’t knowingly collect any personal information from users below the age of 13. If you are a parent or a guardian and you discover that your ward below the age of 13 is using our website or sharing his personal information with us, you have the right to contact us to delete that data from our website permanently.

9. Revisions to Privacy Policy

We completely hold the right to edit, modify, add, or delete terms mentioned in the privacy policy without any prior notice. We will notify about any changes made to this privacy policy on our website. Your continued usage of our website will show your consent to the updated privacy policy and acceptance of any changes. Please check back frequently for any updates made to the privacy policy.

10. Contact Us

We have strived to make our privacy policy simple and easy to understand as per the lines of GDPR. If you still have any confusion or want to ask something about the privacy policy, feel free to contact us by sending us an email on

SD Gems uses cookies and other technologies like web beacons, pixels, and tags (referred to as “cookies”) and other technologies to offer the best of experience to the users on the (hereby referred to as the “website”). This policy explains how and where the company (hereby referred to as “we,” “us,” and “our”) uses cookies to keep transparency on how and why we collect data when the user visits our website.

By continuing to visit our website and use our services, you accept the use of cookies as we have described in the policy. If you have any confusion or question regarding the policy, feel free to contact us by sending an email on

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small file that a website or app places on the user’s device by the web browser when the user visits the website. The cookies are stored on the user’s device to collect information regarding how the user is interacting with the website and to make it work better. Cookies are also used for websites to remember user’s session information and to record the user’s browsing activity.

What type of cookies does SD Gems use?

SD Gems use three types of cookies on the website which are listed below:

Session cookies – Session cookies are temporary cookies and expires after your session ends. These cookies enable us to track your interaction on the website so that you don’t get asked for the same information again and again. It also helps us to keep you logged in until you sign out from your account to end your session.

Permanent cookies – Permanent cookies are permanent cookies and remain in operation even if you close the browser. The cookies get activated whenever you return to the website. These cookies help us to remember your username and password so that you don’t have to enter them all the time. Apart from that, we can also remember the products you have in your cart, your payment details, so you don’t have to enter your bank details every time you make a purchase.

Third-party cookies – Third-parties install these cookies with the aim of collecting certain information to carry out various research into behavior, demographics, etc.

Why SD Gems use cookies?

The use of cookies enables us to recognize the user when he browses web pages or returns to the website. It helps us to provide various personalized features such as recommended products (gems in our case), personalized advertisements, discounts on the products you searched for and more.

Authentication – We use cookies to verify the user’s account and display the required information when they are logged in.

Preferences – Cookies enable us to remember user preferences and setting when you return to the website such as language preference etc.

Safety & Security – We use cookies to enhance the security and safety features of the website and prevent any frauds and cyber-attacks.

Advertising – We use cookies to deliver advertisements that are more relevant and meaningful to the user. It also helps us to track the performance of ads on the website.

Performance – We use cookies to provide our users with the best possible experience.

Analytics & Research – We use cookies to understand user behavior on the website and create aggregated reports to check website performance.

Google Analytics

We use Google analytics to collect various information about the user such as age, gender, page views, session duration and more. This data helps us to keep a track on the website and how it is performing. We use this information to market and advertise our services, analyze website traffic, enhance the website to serve you better. Google Analytics plants a permanent cookie on your device through your browser to identify you the next time you visit the website. This helps us to know if you are a new or returned user. The data that we gather through Google Analytics is also used to make reports to calculate our growth and website popularity. To get more information on how to control the information collected by Google, please visit this link.

Facebook Remarketing

We use Facebook to market our services and products to the users. You will see our news/event/product updates in your Facebook feed if you have visited our website, liked us on Facebook or shown interest in our products and services. For this to happen, Facebook uses a ‘Custom Audience Pixel’ that is activated when a user visits on the website and a permanent cookie is placed on their device through the web browser. Facebook will collect basic information about the user including but not limited to IP address, demographics, profile information, likes, and interests, etc. For more information on the data usage by Facebook and control the same, visit this link.

Google AdWords Remarketing

We use Google AdWords to remarket our products to users based on their interest and the products they have viewed on our website or any other channel. With Google AdWords Remarketing, if you have browsed our website, you will see ads of our products while you browse Google Search. This will help us to target products which you might be interested in buying. For this to happen, Google will place a permanent cookie on your device to identify you as a user. The cookie will collect your basic information including but not limited to pages you have viewed, products you are interested in, gender, location, age, and more. You can opt out of Google’s use of cookies and remarketing by clicking this link.

How do you control the use of cookies on SD Gems?

You can control the use of cookies on your device. Most browsers these days allow users to block and erase cookies placed by websites and apps on your device. Users can control it through the preference settings of their web browser. However, if you disallow cookies or limit the ability, you might end up hampering your overall experience on the website.

If you have any confusion regarding our use of cookies or the information we are collecting and processing, you can contact us through email at